Domoticz v4.10717 最新稳定版 @ 2019-11-06

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Domoticz v4.10717 最新稳定版 @ 2019-11-06

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最新版本:Domoticz version 4.10717 released @ 2019-11-06

推荐版本:Domoticz version 3.8153 released @ 2017-07-30

Version 3.8153 (July 30th 2017)
- Fixed: Camera Editor, will now always refresh thumbnail in table
- Fixed: Devices could become invisible when a scene/group was added to the 'hidden devices' room plan with the same idx
- Fixed: JSon float/nan value, solved by upgrading JSonCPP
- Fixed: OZW, when a value is updated and the sensor did not exists before (for example a kWh sensor), it is created (saves a restart)
- Fixed: Daemonize compatible with Systemd forking type
- Changed: Blinds T5 till T13 new DeviceID generation, could cause new sensors
- Changed: Lessen rounding errors for computed energy
- Changed: Minimized On/Off/Script execution time
- Changed: SolarEdgeAPI, now only needs API Key
- Changed: Support symlinks for plugin and theme directories
- Changed: Switch type 'Door Lock' renamed to 'Door Contact'
- Changed: Temperature Only charts will not display the Humidity axis
- Changed: Wind Direction Graph, if sensor does not supports 'Gust', the 'Speed' value is used
- Changed: Updated OpenZWave (and configuration files)
- Implemented: Added a new parameter to disable the logging of event script triggers 'Script event triggered: ...'
- Implemented: AppLamp/LimitLess bridge V6.0 RGBW/RGBWW
- Implemented: Blinds T1 till T13 new supports the Stop button
- Implemented: Blockly/Lua Set SetPoint option
- Implemented: Devices, Log icon for Blinds
- Implemented: Dummy Hardware, Temp+Baro
- Implemented: Estonian Language support (big thanks to Kuido)
- Implemented: EvohomeWeb support (Thanks to Gordon3!)
- Implemented: General/Text sensor now able to be shared
- Implemented: I2C BME280 sensor (temp+hum+baro)
- Implemented: I2C for non arm systems
- Implemented: InfluxDB Data push
- Implemented: Latvian Language support (big thanks to Edgars)
- Implemented: Netatmo Home Coach support
- Implemented: Notification for Dummy Soil/Moisture sensor
- Implemented: Notification for Dummy Temp/Hum/Baro sensor
- Implemented: Notification for Alert Sensor via udevice JSON call
- Implemented: Onkyo AV Receiver (Thanks to dwmw2!)
- Implemented: Option to replace an Meter device
- Implemented: OZW, Added support for Atmospheric Pressure sensor
- Implemented: Python Plugin System
- Implemented: RFXtrx Lucci Fan implemented
- Implemented: RFXtrx RFY2 protocol implemented
- Implemented: RFXtrx Kangtai / Cotech implemented
- Implemented: RTL433 (Thanks to Petri Ahone!)
- Implemented: SolarEdgeAPI, support for multiple inverters
- Implemented: Support for Ble Box hardware
- Implemented: Support for different usage/return costs for electricity
- Implemented: Support for Intergas InComfort LAN2RF Gateway
- Implemented: Support for Open Weather Map
- Implemented: Support for Open Web Net
- Implemented: Support for XiaomiGateway Gateway
- Implemented: Support for YeeLight
- Implemented: Support for Youless LS120
- Implemented: Switch type 'Door Lock'
- Implemented: SysFS GPIO (Thanks to hvbommel/jvandenbroek!)
- Implemented: Teleinfo : Added a switch indicating the current cost slot
- Implemented: Timer Plan editor
- Removed: Razberry ZWave handling method. Existing users need to migrate to OpenZWave

2016-10-30 Version 3.5837
- 修复: Blockly/Lua, FOR and RANDOM are now again in minutes

2016-10-29 Version 3.5834
- 实现: TSL2561 illuminance I2C sensor (ldrolez)
- 实现: AccuWeather support
- 实现: Air Quality graph, Avarage and Previous month/year
- 实现: Atag One Thermostat support
- 实现: Blockly/Lua Camera device, to send camera snapshots with subject after xx seconds
- 实现: Blockly upgraded to latest version (修复 and cleaned some code as well), this fixes problem with long sensor lists
- 实现: Blockly, option to excecute a script in the DO statement
- 实现: Custom Sensor
- 实现: Denkovi Smartden with LAN Interface
- 实现: Devices Tab, Log icon for Pressure
- 实现: Dust Sensor (ug/m3)
- 实现: Error Log, option to send error logs by email
- 实现: Hourly rainrate for all rain sensors
- 实现: MySensors, Implemented Acknowledge Timeout per Child sensor
- 实现: MySensors, S_WATER_QUALITY, water PH
- 实现: MySensors, S_WATER_QUALITY, water ORP redox potential in mV
- 实现: MySensors, S_WATER_QUALITY, water electric conductivity S/cm (microSiemens/cm)
- 实现: MySensors, S_POWER, Reactive power: volt-ampere reactive (var)
- 实现: MySensors, S_POWER, Apparent power: volt-ampere (VA)
- 实现: MySensors, S_POWER, Ratio of real power to apparent power: floating point value in the range [-1,..,1]
- 实现: Nefit Easy, User Mode (as switch, On=Clock, Off=Manual), Flow Temperature, Hot Water Mode
- 实现: Notifications, custom notification text helpers $name and $value
- 实现: OpenZWave, Aeotec ZWave+ USB Controller, Enable/Disable blinking mode (@Schmart, Thanks for the magic codes!)
- 实现: OpenZWave, Node table, now also displays Manufacturer, Product ID and Product Type
- 实现: OpenZWave, When including Thermostat Setpoints, the zwave Label will be used as Name by default
- 实现: RFXMeter, Option to specify meter offset
- 实现: P1 Electra Report, Now also displaying the counters for Return
- 实现: RFLink: Displaying firmware version in the hardware setup
- 实现: RFXCom, Blinds T12 (Confexx)
- 实现: S0 Meter TCP
- 更改: Local I2C sensors grouping (ldrolez)
- 更改: ETH-8020, ignoring return message as it always returns (no more Success message)
- 更改: EventSystem, weather/rain value is now the rain-rate
- 更改: to DarkSky
- 更改: OpenZWave, Better support for Thermostat Modes
- 更改: Stable ID generation for Philips Hue scenes (you need to delete all scenes and restart the hue hardware or domoticz)
- 更改: TE923, Rain counter devided by 2
- 更改: Waterflow sensor, now uses Node+Child as ID (for example 0x0801)
- 更改: Wind Direction graph (now does not display directions when speed was equal to zero)
- 修复: Better handling of white listed commands/urls
- 修复: Blockly, 修复 extra quote when setting a user variable string value
- 修复: Database backup is now only possible for admin users
- 修复: Double checking command rights
- 修复: Dummy, Creating a new sensor always used the same id
- 修复: Dummy, when new sensor is created, Add it to the EventSystem
- 修复: Fix Off Delay not handled for Selector switch (#538).
- 修复: Fix On/Off delays not saved on the selector switch edit form (#532).
- 修复: Logitech Harmony, Ping request now working as well for firmware 4.10.30 (Herman)
- 修复: KMTronic, did not work in timers/groups/scenes
- 修复: Manual Light/Switch, when created, Add it to the EventSystem
- 修复: Wind Speed/Gust graph, Plotbands
- 修复: Added grid lines to percentage/lux/general graphs
- 升级: AngularJS 1.5.8
- 升级: Highcharts 4.2.6
- 升级: SQLite3 v3.13.0
- 在设置页面中备份数据库,备份脚本文件夹
- 如果使用树莓派,建议完整备份整个SD卡
- 备份整个Domoticz安装文件夹



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Domoticz v3.8153 这个版本网站上还有吗?能不能放人链接出来,官网的4.x版本问题太多了。

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Re: Domoticz v3.8153 最新稳定版 @ 2017-07-30

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binai 写了:
周二 8月 07, 2018 22:27
Domoticz v3.8153 这个版本网站上还有吗?能不能放人链接出来,官网的4.x版本问题太多了。