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Domoticz是一个轻量级的智能家居系统 ,通过它你可以监测和控制各种设备,包括灯和开关以及各种传感器、仪表比如:温度、雨滴、风速、紫外线(UV)辐射、用电发电、燃气流量、用水量等等。 还可以向任一移动设备发送通知或警告。



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树莓派 Windows Linux Mac OS X 群晖NAS FreeNAS

Domoticz 设置

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配置 皮肤 自动化 脚本 集成和协议 硬件


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关于Domoticz 版本 iOS Android FAQ Wiki帮助


安装 Domoticz概念 协议、传感器和集成 树莓派 通用服务器功能
在其他系统上安装Domoticz 脚本主索引 通过Domoticz使用1-Write 将门铃连接至 Domoticz (通过GPIO) SMASpot Monitoring in Domoticz
在Cubieboard/Cubietruck中安装和运行Domoticz Lua - LUA命令列表 X10 CM15 Pro 蓝牙音频 设置设备共享
自定义Web界面图标 Domoticz和脚本 Z-Wave Installing Telegram Notification System - Telegram Bot Method Automatic weather Tweets from Domoticz (Bash)
忘记用户名或密码 事件 EnOcean Perl for Domoticz
Going back to a previous version of Domoticz Lua - 事件脚本示例 S0-pulsecounter Music Player Daemon (MPD) & Domoticz Extracting status and measuring values with PHP
Dashticz V2 Domoticz API及JSON网址 Essent E-Thermostat (ICY) Let Domoticz speak to inform you Automatic weather forecast Tweets (PHP-version)
Creating a Chrome OS app shortcut 用户变量 Basic Tellstick functionality with Domoticz Daily backup to external hdd Eneco Toon thermostat
为硬件开发插件 Limitless/AppLamp/Milight RGBW bulbs/led strips PIFace Digital 1 and 2 Secure Nginx Proxy Setup
Domoticz and Persistent USB Devices GPIO - installation and configuration Unofficial Whatsapp - Notification System - Doorbell example
Developing a hardware plugin Adding internal PC sensors to Domoticz on Windows systems
Developing a Python plugin 设置MQTT支持连接外部设备
Inserting raw data with lua_parsers Native Harmony Hub. Harmony Hub Control.
Adding a camera to Domoticz
Slack Integration
Virtual weather devices (Weather Underground)
Weather forecast from in Domoticz
Wake-on-LAN (WoL) a PC with Domoticz
Push data from Domoticz to Fibaro servers
Push data from Domoticz to your own server
Using Energenie Pi-mote with Domoticz
Philips Hue lights
Voltcraft CO-20 airquality sensor
LIFX lightbulbs
Belkin WeMo
FRITZ!Box callmonitor
ESP8266 WiFi module
Apple HomeKit with Siri support
Smappee energymonitor in Domoticz
Kodi Media Player in Domoticz
Daikin heat pump in Domoticz
NAD7050 Amplifier
Logitech Media Server
Alarm System Setup
X10 devices with a CM11a
SolarEdge Inverter
Resol VBus
AV receiver Denon / Marantz
Onkyo AV
Sony TV
Samsung TV
Panasonic TV
Philips TV
Vera as a z-wave dongle
Sonos integration
NodOn ZWave Soft Remote
Sleep tracking integration
Presence detection (Bluetooth 4.0 Beacon)
Popp Kfob
Alexa ( Amazon Echo)
Eastron SDM120C
Medisana BS44x Scale
Smarter Coffee & iKettle
Nefit Easy Thermostat
Yeelight LED Bulbs
Mitsubishi Melcloud
Xiaomi Gateway (Aqara)
AC / heatpumpIR